[PC-BSD Dev] [PC-BSD Translations] PC-BSD 10: Bug for Japanese language and ibus-1.5 issue

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Feb 24 09:27:49 PST 2014

On 02/23/2014 09:36, Yamashiro, Jun wrote:
> Hello lists,
> In PC-BSD 10, can't input Japanese language.
> (Only Japanese.  Chinese(pinyin) and Korean are worked for me.
> Other language/alphabet can't identify for me)
> This blog suggest solution for this problem.
> 	PC-BSD 10 ??????????? - ???? Fu-sen.
> 	http://fu-sen.org/post/77051058378/pc-bsd-10
> 	Abstract of this blog article:
> 	Install ja-ibus-mozc (Open source edition of "Google Japanese Input")
> 	and replace ja-ibus-anthy.
> I prefer this solution(Mozc is better software then ibus).  And I made 
> patch for this problem.
> My thought, cause of this bug is update iBus to 1.5.2 and *-ibus-* is not updated.
> (ja-ibus-anthy is same version as ports(japanese/ibus-anthy: 1.2.7_3,1)
> But current version of ibus-anthy is 1.5.5.  In my opinion, this diffrence is
> cause of bug.
> And, zh-ibus-pinyin, zh-ibus-chewing, ibus-m17n are old version.  Currently 
> those input method worked in now.  But, I don't know work ibus-{pinyin,chewing,m17}
> work with future version like current version.
> If PC-BSD continuation use of ibus-1.5, require iBus-releated libraries update
> to 1.5 later.
> regards,
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Thanks so much for the patch, I've added it now!


I'll roll an update to the PRODUCTION packages sometime this week with
this included.

Will you be making it out to AsiaBSDCon in a few weeks?

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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