[PC-BSD Dev] 9.2-RC4 images now available

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Sep 13 05:24:17 PDT 2013

The latest PC-BSD 9.2-RELEASE images (Based upon FreeBSD 9.2-RC4) images are now online! Users who install this image will then be able to online update to a FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE kernel / world when it is announced. Users already running an earlier 9.2 image can now online update to the latest world / kernel / packages via the system updating mechanisms. This *should* be the last RC before 9.2-RELEASE is tagged, so if you find any issues please let us know right away. 

Download it now

DVD and USB images are now available for download at the location below:


Changes since the last ISO

* Added patches for FreeBSD SA's 13:11-13

* Updated to FreeBSD 9.2-RC4 world/kernel

Highlights for the upcoming 9.2-RELEASE


* Bootable ZFS Boot Environments 
   - Using GRUB2, any new ZFS boot-environments created via the "beadm" command will be added to the boot-loader and available at boot-time

* Re-written Life-Preserver utility, will allow you to instantly create ZFS snapshots, restore files, and replicate data to a remote system or mirror to an additional local disk drive. 

* Updated installer allows restoring the entire system from a replicated ZFS backup

* New 'pc-bootcfg' GUI, Allows managing ZFS boot-environments and GRUB menus in a single location

* PNGNG support
   - In addition to PBIs and the AppCafe, system admins and power users will now have access to a full PKGNG repository with frequent updates
* Switched over to CDN for downloads
   - No more having to hunt for a closest mirror, downloads will automatically pull from our CDN service hosted by ScaleEngine 

* New version of AppCafe 
   - New streamlining and PBI management functionality

* GitHub Migration
   - All PC-BSD / TrueOS sources are now available via GitHub (https://github.com/pcbsd and  https://github.com/trueos )

* Warden Updates
   - Support for setting various jail options via the GUI
   - Option to create jail "templates" based upon different versions of FreeBSD
   - Support for VIMAGE jails
   - Jails without any IPV4 or IPV6 address assigned

* Graphical PKGNG manager
   - GUI supports basic or advanced mode, which allows full package management / upgrades

* Home directory encryption
   - PEFS based encryption, allows users to encrypt their home-directory contents with their login password, which is only unencrypted while logged in

* Boot times improved substantially

* FreeBSD/TrueOS 9.2

* Binary "freebsd-update" server implemented allowing updates to different PC-BSD branches without re-compiling

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Kris Moore
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