[PC-BSD Dev] pbi10 and pbidir.com

Dave Cottlehuber dch at jsonified.com
Tue Oct 22 01:11:37 PDT 2013

On 22. Oktober 2013 at 09:56:44, Yuri Momotiuk (yurkis at gmail.com) wrote:
>Hi all
>When you design pbi10 could you think about pbidir.com integration?
>Let me explain. Take a look into ubuntu store or android market. This is
>more than just application repo. Every application have screenshots, rating
>and user feedback (selected by using language). Almost all of this was in
>So maybe good idea is to add some optional field to the PBI repo index that
>refer to some site (pbidir in common case). That site should provide simple
>web API to get:
>1. Current applications rating index (just like 'APP_NAME RATING' line by
>2. Screenshots URL list for application.
>3. User reviews for application by language(s).
>Also site may provide API for:
>1. Rate application
>2. Add application review
>If something should be unigue (fir example user should rate app only once)
>HISTID may be used.
>In that case we will can range apps by rating in GUI, read and write
>reviews, etc on AppCafe.
>Or in simplest case we can only provide WebView inside AppCafe (simular to
>AppCafe in 8.x) to display site contants. Or we can use mix of this cases:
>Get apps rating index by api (for ranging in UI, but display site in
>WebView for other).
>I understand that things decribed above is a complex task that require
>desktop and web development. Also you will need to maintain pbidir site. I
>can not ask you for that, because I don't sure that I can help to develop
>this (I still have no a time :( )
>So this is just idea for future. If you like this just make ability for
>future implementation in pbi10 format.

Wholeheartedly agree. A good opportunity for some community contribution!

Also as a suggestion for user friendliness consider aliasing, or calling the command line tool not "pbi" but "app":

    app install firefox

etc. makes a whole lot of sense.


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