[PC-BSD Dev] pc-updatemanager feature request

Yuri Momotiuk yurkis at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 23:13:24 PDT 2013

I thought about upgrade to upcoming 10.0.
Kris, can you add current branch mark to pc-updatemanager cli util?
For example 'pc-updatemanager branches' command may mark current branch by

[yurkis at vb_work] ~% pc-updatemanager branches

Available branches:




Or something like this:

[yurkis at vb_work] ~% pc-updatemanager currbranch

I think the good idea is to add ability to change branch using UI. But I
don't know place where to add this (update gui, package manager?). I can
get current branch from configuration files but using pc-updatemeneger is
more generic way, I think.

Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk
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