[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD scripting langiage... again

Yuri Momotiuk yurkis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 10:01:38 PDT 2013

Hello everybody

Some time ago I sow here discussion about pc-bsd scripting language.
Let me to present some ideas about this

Here is most popular scripting languages (please tell me where I'm wrong
 or if I miss something):

1. Perl

* Very popular language. "Traditional" language for scripting in Unix
* CPAN modules collection

* Often understanding of people's code is HELL :)
* Not easy to embed perl in C/C++ application

2. Python

* Modern popular language with strong OOP features
* Python interpreter may be easy embedded int C/C++ application
* Powerfull standart library

* Not fully C-like syntax (you should get used to the indentation instead
of braces and to for operator at least)
* Weak backward compatibility (at least for major versions)
* Someone saind that python  needs a lot of memory and CPU

3. LUA

* Very easy and lightweight language
* Extremal easy to embed

* I really don't know is Lua contains featured 'system' library (for
process spawning and handling and so on) and where Lua is using for general
porpose scripting in Unix systems

Actually, I like to use Python because this language looks more modern that
Perl and mey be embedded for same C/C++ tool (or deamon) if we need
scripting capabaility.

Can we select some single scripting language for tasks which are too
complex for shell scripts? IMHO that language should be present in
distribution and should be recommended for complex tasks (but that language
should not be replace of shell for all tasks, IMHO)

PS I have no time to re-read text. I hope you will understand this :)
Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk
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