[PC-BSD Dev] RFC: Choice of a Less Error-Prone Scripting Language for Configuration Scripts + Standard Data Format

Radio młodych bandytów radiomlodychbandytow at o2.pl
Sun Mar 10 00:42:48 PST 2013

Sorry Torsten for sending to you twice, forgot to add the list to 
recipients again...

On 10/03/2013 01:09, Torsten Eichstädt wrote:
> Am Samstag, 9. März 2013, 23:47:51 schrieb Radio młodych bandytów:
>  > And I think that for programming noobs Python's syntax is much more
>  > natural, so I certainly don't agree that noobs are more likely to be
>  > able to change things in JS compared to it.
> I'd like to collect more comments like this from people who've had
> feedback from "noobs" that had to quickly dive into a programming
> language to change s/th to fit their needs. I would value the user's
> preferences here higher than the programmer's/maintainer's who should be
> able to switch between a bunch of languages.
Wise words. I don't have much contact with non-programmers dealing with 
configs in programming languages.

>  > Commenting on safety, JS is weakly typed, so I see it being 1 notch
>  > below Lua and Python here.
> There's cure for that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TypeScript
> But I don't know if it's possible to have shebang scripts in Unix.
> #!/usr/bin/typescript is certainly not what we need... ;)
Hmm...a ts-> js compiler written in ts. So to use it you need to first 
have the compiler compile itself on some platform that can host it, then 
point the compiled compiler to your script, then interpret its output.
But could work.
As to shebang, node is said to support it in js, so even if ts doesn't, 
adding it shouldn't be an issue. Though would MS take it upstream?

>  > But Prolog beats them all in this regard and is very small. ;)
> AmeN.
> Cfg mgmt's domain perfectly fits the Prolog paradigma; sadly it's not
> widely used, thus people would fly me to the moon if I started to use it
> in user-visible/accessible parts of SW. Or send me to the psychiatrist.
I was not mocking you. I like Prolog and I agree that it would work 
great here.
Twoje radio

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