[PC-BSD Dev] RFC: Choice of a Less Error-Prone Scripting Language for Configuration Scripts + Standard Data Format

Torsten Eichstädt torsten.eichstaedt at web.de
Thu Mar 7 14:35:41 PST 2013

Hello to all!

[The following proposal is meant for one of the next releases, not for 
immediate hacking of existent code, of course!]



I propose to

1. Re-write and refactor the configuration & installation scripts in PCBSD in 
a less error-prone scripting language than shell script.
Suggestions: Lua or JavaScript;

2. Change the configuration data files to a standardized, human-readable and 
simple data format.  My suggestions are YAML or JSON.

   It is common sense that shell scripts lack built-in support for 
modularisation and test capabilities, and are especially weak concerning 
string handling, fault-tolerance, re-usability and maintainability; this is 
only a partial list of inherent weaknesses.  Thus, it is commonly believed 
that once a project gets bigger, shell script's weaknesses prevail their 
advantages;  they become a risk and should be replaced by an advanced, 
superior (scripting) language.

  Currently, many backends throughout the PC-BSD configuration & installation 
handling are implemented as shell scripts, and their inherent weaknesses are 
the root cause of many -- often subtle and/or trivial but nasty -- bugs.  In 
particular, robust string- and exception handling are major requirements of 
configuration handling.   Many experienced developers add built-in test 
capabilities to this list.

  Using a more advanced scripting language would certainly improve the 
situation, especially concerning the topics noted above.

  Then, the use of a standardized data format for configuration data is a 
simple practical consideration: Programming libraries exist
  - to test the validity of the data and the data files,
  - to read and write syntactically correct data files robustly.

  Thus, through the use of such well tested, mature libraries, a standardized, 
simple data format will improve robustness and fault-tolerance.

  For the two formats I propose, YAML or JSON, libraries for shell scripts are 
available as well; thus, their use is independent from changing the 
configuration & installation scripts to another language.

   I propose to pick one scripting language and one data format throughout 
PCBSD configuration (if at all possible).  JSON is (mostly) a subset of YAML.  
Both are (more or less) simple, platform-independent, human-readable, and 
widely supported in all major programming languages.

  Up to my current research, YAML has the advantage to allow comments; but 
there's probably an easy work-around for JSON by simply including a field 
named "comment" or "note" of type "string" where needed.
  JSON allows for code injection in JavaScript, whereas YAML explicitely 
inhibits this.  There are pros and cons concerning this.  For security, it's a 
no-go, for practical reasons it can sometimes be of advantage.

  JavaScript has on it's side a cleaner syntax for exception handling and that 
it is used in QML, and QML certainly is a very appealing choice for GUI-fied 
configuration tools.  Nevertheless, bindings for Lua to Qt exist, and the 
interpreter is very small.  Both languages are well-founded, widely used, easy 
to learn, and allow for rapid development cycles as they are scripted.  Many 
open-source modules and libraries are readily available to prevent the 
developer from reinventing the wheel.
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