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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Jun 21 13:31:46 PDT 2013

On 06/21/2013 16:20, Warner Losh wrote:
> Sony is using Grub to boot its PS4 console, which is derived from FreeBSD 9.0...
> some people think this is a good idea.
> Others... well, think less of it http://i.qkme.me/3uxsh5.jpg
> Warner
> On Jun 21, 2013, at 12:02 PM, Joe Maloney wrote:

Lol, I saw those pics as well. I don't know their reasons but something
I've noticed here is that GRUB2 boots FreeBSD about 18-20 seconds
*faster* than the standard boot-loader. I think most of the time saved
is when it loads the kernel + modules. It does it almost instantly,
maybe a second or so.

Or I could be completely wrong and they just have a bunch of Linux devs,
who use GRUB because it's what they know. :)

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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