[PC-BSD Dev] New PCDM and themes not using QML?

Claudio L. claudio at hpgcc3.org
Thu Jun 20 16:29:56 PDT 2013

On 06/20/2013 14:10, Ken Moore wrote:

> If I recall correctly, QML requires the QtQuick framework which is not
> ported to FreeBSD yet.

That was a loooong time ago! Now QML is included in all Qt distributions.
I tried compiling a Hello World QML with Qt Creator (from PBI) and it 
worked just fine. The QML Viewer also works, so I don't see any porting 
problems, it's all there for the taking. Using QML you would give a 
blank canvas to artists to customize the display manager completely, not 
just changing the style of the widgets.
I think you should reevaluate this, QML is THAT good.


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