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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Jun 13 06:19:39 PDT 2013

On 06/12/2013 23:20, Joe Maloney wrote:
> Thanks Kris.  I've cloned the repo and I've added the option to use an
> external dhcp server during the second prompt.  This will bypass
> installing isc-dhcp and will ask the user to input their network id
> and subnet info but I need to find a way to take that text and paste
> it into hosts.allow on the appropriate line for ifs, etc.  I think
> that should work I just haven't gotten that quite yet.  
> https://github.com/pkgdemon/pcbsd/blob/master/src-sh/pc-thinclient/pc-thinclient
Cool! Issue a pull request when you get it wrapped up and I'll take a
look at it :)

> While I am thinking about it I was just watching the presentation from
> BSDcan on pc-thinclient and I learned a few things in the process.  I
> was thinking since it was mentioned that the pc-thinclient environment
> is just a chroot would it be possible to create an option in the
> warden to create pc-thinclient jails in addition to linux jails, etc?
>  Then allow the user to graphical set the network card to run off of,
> specify mac address options, etc from there?  Would that even be
> possible to pxe boot into a jail?  

It may be possible, maybe something worth trying? My guess would be that
it requires a jail with VIMAGE support enabled. If you or somebody wants
to do a test jail and see if its possible though, please let us know. If
it works properly, then it would be a very cool feature to have in the

> Joe Maloney
> On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 10:03 AM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org
> <mailto:kris at pcbsd.org>> wrote:
>     On 05/27/2013 21:01, Joe Maloney wrote:
>>     I've been looking over various ways to set up a thin client
>>     install server for images of FreeBSD current to avoid having to
>>     constantly write to flash drives, etc.  I found a way to
>>     accomplish this by using the ftp/tftp-hpa port and syslinux to
>>     build a grub menu which will allow me to boot from various ISO's
>>     I add to the menu.  I also used my mikrotik router for dhcp
>>     rather than the isc/dhcp port for passing dhcp options which
>>     worked out nicely.  It led me to think about pc-thinclient again
>>     which I haven't tried out in a while and had forgotten about.
>>     I've used pc-thinclient before as well and I was contemplating
>>     trying to make a few modifications for my own uses.  For example
>>     I would like to the have pc-thinclient install script give me the
>>     option to use my own dhcp server and spit out instructions of
>>     what options to add to an external dhcp server for end users.  
>>     I was looking over at the code for pc-thinclient and I see it's
>>     been updated to support pkgng which is nice. Before I dove in to
>>     far I was curious if I could somehow share some of these changes
>>     with your project for consideration or if something like this
>>     might already be planned or in the works?  
>>     Joe Maloney
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>     I hadn't planned on adding that support in the near future. If you
>     would like to feel free to clone the git repo and make your
>     changes. Once you get it working, let me know and I'll pull them
>     into the mainline one :)
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