[PC-BSD Dev] latest 9.1

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Jul 25 13:29:40 PDT 2013

On 07/25/2013 15:27, Fabrizio Parrella wrote:
> I have to revert back to the old 9.1.
> This is the list of issues that I have found with the new one:
>  - the new LXDE file manager
>    - doesn't do SMB (Operation not permitted)
>    - doesn't let me view the trash (operation not permitted)
>    - doesn't let you copy files from the file manager to the desktop
> (operation not permitted)

Ok, I think I solved this one. It looks like the LXDE file-manager needs
gvfs. If you do a "pkg install gvfs" and then logout / login it'll fix
the issues with various operation not permitted errors. I added this to
the meta-pkg so its installed automatically from now on.

It also seems to fix smb://. I can't browse the network with it, but I
can to smb://<ip>/share and it comes up.

>  - using dolphin
>    - doesn't let you open files (trying to open openoffice files,
> something about not being able to execute the openoffice.. or any
> other program)
>    - extremely slow to open
>    - can't drag files to desktop
>    - can't CTRL+C and CTRL+V files into LXDE file managers
>    - doesn't share clipboard

You'll probably need to run "klipper" to share the clipboard between the

>  - App-Cafe:
>    - I have 16 Open office icons under the "Office" folder, not 16
> "ApacheOpenOffice", but 16 times each executable (base, calc, impess,
> etc....)
>    - two "thunderbird" icons (one of those has "different colors")
>    - clicking on "remove menu/desktop icon" doesn't do anything
>    - clicking on "auto-update"  gets automatically unclicked (I was
> not logged in as administrator, maybe that is the reason ?)
I'm not seeing where you run into these issues. Ken, want to give a hand

> Fabry

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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