[PC-BSD Dev] ZFS 'Device Busy' error

Claudio L. claudio at hpgcc3.org
Thu Jul 11 17:04:11 PDT 2013

On 07/11/2013 15:02, Kris Moore wrote:
> Wow that is quite ugly :( Would changing any of the port build options 
> for devel/gamin make a difference? There are options for GAM_POLLER 
> and LIBINOTIFY that you may want to test. 

I did install libinotify, then I recompiled gamin from ports with the 
inotify option. The system wasn't locking and actually felt faster 
overall when browsing the filesystem.
Later I realized why: gam_server was crashing on boot, so that didn't work.
I removed libinotify and reinstalled gamin from packages.
What I ended up doing, is add a configuration file for gamin in 
/usr/local/etc, where I set any subdirectory in / to use the polling 
only mode.

It did work in the sense that now I can unmount the filesystems freely. 
But then I opened Thunar and from a shell I created a file... it never 
showed in the GUI, so gam_server is not doing its job.

I give up for now. My system will have it disabled like that (it feels 
faster overall).
I'll finish the disk manager without any workarounds, and hopefully 
somebody will one day provide a decent solution for file notifications. 
The current one is horrible.


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