[PC-BSD Dev] Proposal for libpcbsd redisgn

Yuri Momotiuk yurkis at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 02:57:34 PST 2013


Ipropose to make some redisign of libpcbsd:

1. Divide libpcbsd for two parts:
    * libpcbsd-utils - non visual components and classes without Gt gui
dependency (Utils, hardware, netif)
    * libpcbsd-ui - visual components and widgets (with Qt gui dependency)
like meta packages widget

2. Add 'pcbsd' namespace to avoid problems with oblivious named classes
(like Utils)

3. Add doxygen style documentation for classes (at least for API)

4. Create classes:
    * PcApplication (inherited form QApplication with more comfortable
loading translations)
    * PcSingleApplication (inherited from QtSingleApplication with easy
loading translation and code for single instance)

Very early code may be found in my subversion repo at assembla:

*svn co

(Or maybe better *svn co
* with config.h file and pc-bugreport app)

Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk
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