[PC-BSD Dev] how many qt?

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Mon Jan 7 00:40:03 PST 2013

Dear Kris and Ken (and others),
thank you for the explanation. First of all I really appreciate your
efforts in making PCBSD every day better and more powerful. My only
doubt about the Qt-approach is that it will lead to a set of PCBSD
only widgets that could possibly isolate the system. When I switched
my desktop from Kubuntu to PCBSD it was because it had (and still has)
a very good support to KDE and therefore I felt more at home. While it
is true that trying to integrate widgets not designed to run on
FreeBSD could be a very complex and hard task, I believe that KDE is
not Gnome and should be more portable. And intra-desktop should not be
a problem since the kde libs can be run on other desktops too. The
only problem with this approach is about dependencies, and therefore I
understand your point in trying to remove all the dependencies, even
if after all this means to add the Qt dependencies.

Well, these are my thoughts. Anyway, keep going with this great work!


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