[PC-BSD Dev] how many qt?

John Suykerbuyk pcbsd_dev at suykerbuyk.org
Fri Jan 4 10:46:00 PST 2013

On 01/04/2013 10:53, Kris Moore wrote:
> On 01/04/2013 10:52, John Suykerbuyk wrote:
>> As a delighted user of 9.0 and an ecstatic user of 9.1, I would like
>> to chime in with the opinion that not only are Kris and the team doing
>> great work, they are doing it 'the right way".
> Thanks!
>> There is very little that is generic in managing a system's underlying
>> resources except perhaps the concepts in presenting them in a UI.  I'm
>> glad that PC-BSD does not struggle to maintain alignment to upstream
>> system management applets and tools.  If they did, they would probably
>> spend most of their time (I believe) handling exception conditions
>> unique to BSD.  As a former user of OpenSUSE and Kubonto user, I came
>> to know that even the Linux guys can't keep the KDE system management
>> applets stable between major releases.
>> My one wish, is for there to be a guide to slip streaming the PCBSD
>> apps & overlays into a 'make release' image.  Even better yet, getting
>> them into a standard ports package!  I recently got a Samsung 840 Pro
>> SSD for my favorite laptop (an old Thinkpad T61).  The SSD claims that
>> it supports Async Notifications, but every time it gets mod probed and
>> enabled, the drive errors out (the feature is not really
>> implemented).  So I had to build my own kernel that worked around the
>> bug and then edit the PC-BSD 9.1 lite usb stick image inject my kernel
>> into there.  It all seemed straightforward enough once I done it, but
>> I would love to be able to build a complete PC-BSD set of release
>> images in a jail relatively hands off.
> Upcoming sneak-peak:
> We are moving to pkgng for 9.1.1 and beyond. Along with having a full
> package repo (updated quarterly) for users on PC-BSD / TrueOS, I am in
> the process of converting our Shell + QT4 apps into two ports for this
> repo. So this means on a FreeBSD box, it will be possible to switch to
> our pkgng repo, install the PC-BSD ports, and viola! :)
> That may not be as easy as adding us to "make release", but its pretty
> darn close!
>> Outside of that, fantastic work Kris. PC-BSD 9.1 is by far the best,
>> most functional and stable platform I have ever used.  Thank you!
>> - John "S"
That is fantastic!  While I respect what PBI did and how it worked, I 
myself switched back to ports and pkgng shortly after the 9.0 release.

My process of installing/updating PC-BSD on my various boxes has been to 
start with the "lite" install, build, install, and package all the ports 
I depend on and then do a "pkg create -a", "pkg repo" and then to host 
it up on a file server.  From then on, every rebuild/install is as 
simple as going back to the 'lite' install and then doing a pkg add * 
against the repo.  I've found this to be far less problematic then even 
using the pc-bsd system manager to install major components and then to 
try to install port upgrades/updates (ImageMagic, libpcre, and libical 
gave me fits from the default installs!).

I'm excited to start playing with Poudriere and warden managed jails 
create full system install images, from updated sources.

Once again, you guys are totally on top of the game and I am very grateful!

- John "S"

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