[PC-BSD Dev] how many qt?

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Fri Jan 4 10:18:21 PST 2013

On 01/04/2013 10:52, John Suykerbuyk wrote:

> Outside of that, fantastic work Kris. PC-BSD 9.1 is by far the best, 
> most functional and stable platform I have ever used.  Thank you!
> - John "S"
> PS:  Kris I'm an experienced QT developer and would be interested in 
> lending a hand with the new login manager.

I have written the current form of the new login manager, but I would 
greatly appreciate another set of eyes looking it over!

It can be found on the SVN repo here[1] if you want to check it out and 
look it over... patches/changes are always welcome!

Current status of PCDM:
I think I have most of the basic program usage pretty much worked out. 
Most of the development time so far went into getting the interface 
completely configurable via a couple *.conf scripts in 
/usr/local/share/PCDM/ and also getting the authentication/login process 
working well. Don't worry about the initial appearance when you run it, 
I just threw a bunch of random images into it to test out all the 
configuration stuff. Once it gets to a much more "finished" state we 
will swap out the current graphics for some nice looking images, and 
also set some good defaults for the setup.

Areas for improvement:
1) Add XDMCP support. This needs to be handled in some new "pre-startup" 
functions that will setup/start X as appropriate (replacing the current 
"PCDM-multi" shell script).
2) Cleanup the format for the configuration files to make it a bit 
easier to understand/modify.
3) Clean up the code flow a bit to streamline the processes.
4) Make sure that it is able to be completely run by keyboard shortcuts 
(some of this is done)
5) Need to find a better way of integrating the virtual keyboard than 
the current implementation, although this might be able to be pushed off 
until a later version of the program.

There might be more that needs to be done as well, but this is just what 
comes to mind. I am just finishing up the new version of EasyPBI at the 
moment, and there is another PBI-related program that is quickly rising 
in importance so I might not be able to return to PCDM in the very near 
future. If you have any additional questions/comments, please let me know!

[1] svn co svn://svn.pcbsd.org/pcbsd-projects/PCDM

~~Ken Moore~~

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