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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Jan 4 09:53:40 PST 2013

On 01/04/2013 10:52, John Suykerbuyk wrote:
> As a delighted user of 9.0 and an ecstatic user of 9.1, I would like
> to chime in with the opinion that not only are Kris and the team doing
> great work, they are doing it 'the right way".
> There is very little that is generic in managing a system's underlying
> resources except perhaps the concepts in presenting them in a UI.  I'm
> glad that PC-BSD does not struggle to maintain alignment to upstream
> system management applets and tools.  If they did, they would probably
> spend most of their time (I believe) handling exception conditions
> unique to BSD.  As a former user of OpenSUSE and Kubonto user, I came
> to know that even the Linux guys can't keep the KDE system management
> applets stable between major releases.
> My one wish, is for there to be a guide to slip streaming the PCBSD
> apps & overlays into a 'make release' image.  Even better yet, getting
> them into a standard ports package!  I recently got a Samsung 840 Pro
> SSD for my favorite laptop (an old Thinkpad T61).  The SSD claims that
> it supports Async Notifications, but every time it gets mod probed and
> enabled, the drive errors out (the feature is not really
> implemented).  So I had to build my own kernel that worked around the
> bug and then edit the PC-BSD 9.1 lite usb stick image inject my kernel
> into there.  It all seemed straightforward enough once I done it, but
> I would love to be able to build a complete PC-BSD set of release
> images in a jail relatively hands off.
Upcoming sneak-peak:

We are moving to pkgng for 9.1.1 and beyond. Along with having a full
package repo (updated quarterly) for users on PC-BSD / TrueOS, I am in
the process of converting our Shell + QT4 apps into two ports for this
repo. So this means on a FreeBSD box, it will be possible to switch to
our pkgng repo, install the PC-BSD ports, and viola! :)

That may not be as easy as adding us to "make release", but its pretty
darn close!

> Outside of that, fantastic work Kris. PC-BSD 9.1 is by far the best,
> most functional and stable platform I have ever used.  Thank you!
> - John "S"

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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