[PC-BSD Dev] how many qt?

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Fri Jan 4 01:24:26 PST 2013

Hi all,
please, this is not meant to be a flame, but I'm curious to understand
the rationale behind the strong usage of Qt within PCBSD. I mean, as a
Qt (junior) developer I love the library and the facilities it
provides, and as a Unix lover, I love PCBSD too. However I see that
more and more gadgets are specifically developed using Qt instead of
"patching" and porting existing software. As an example, consider the
removable device manager and network connection manager that are in
9.1: why not using the network manager and pluggable device plasmoid
already present in KDE? I also read somewhere about a Qt based desktop
manager (login screen). It sounds to me that a lot of existing pieces
are going to be reimplemented using Qt and while I understand how
portability is important, I believe that this could also lead to a
less attractive system since Linux users will not jump on board if
they don't have their well known gadgets (either KDE's, Gnome's or
whatever desktop's).


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