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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Dec 23 08:58:20 PST 2013

On 12/23/2013 11:35, Joe Maloney wrote:
> Kris,
> I wasn't sure if you would get my comment on your commit.  It appears
> your github fork page on github is doing some funny things like not
> showing contributors or commit history.
> Anyways I noticed that you've been working on caribou as it looks like
> it might have broke down on you.  I noticed it was modified a few days
> ago over at freebsd-gnome with some different changes.  In particular
> the post patch stuff appears to have been removed with them.  
> http://www.marcuscom.com:8080/viewvc/viewvc.cgi/marcuscom/ports/trunk/accessibility/caribou/Makefile?revision=18965&view=markup
> So I fired up my builds again.  It also appears that caribou is failing
> with the changes made at freebsd-gnome so I reported that to Koop.  Btw
> do you have any kind of public viewable log system for your ports like
> this?  
> http://www.pkgdemon.com/build-logs
> Also I can try to mirror what you do for port building with pkgdemon to
> be able to keep up with and test ports builds locally.  I just wasn't
> sure exactly what list of packages you build with poudriere?  Do you
> have a list somewhere or do you just build the entire ports tree with
> yours merged in?
> I've joined your commits mailing list to get a better idea when changes
> are made at least.  I've also joined trac to see when others are putting
> in tickets for gnome related stuff that I might be able to help out on.
> Joe Maloney
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I did pull in those recent changes from MarcusCom repo, however a number
of those were failing with issues relating to some of the Python changes
in the mainline ports tree. I've fixed all the breakage now, and all our
pcbsd-meta* ports should be building properly again.

As for a package list, I'm doing an entire "bulk" build, if you use the
pcbsd-build scripts and run "make ports-update-all && make ports" it
should check-out / build our entire tree for testing.

The list of ports I had to fix in our repo:

foomatic-db (not from gnome3, breakage upstream)

As for not showing the specific commits. When I import Gnome3 /
MarcusCom repo, its coming from SVN and using their "marcusmerge"
scripts, which just blanket copies stuff into our tree, it doesn't
preserve any commit stuff. If we want to do that, I'll need to
investigate how to pull a set of SVN commits into GIT with history.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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