[PC-BSD Dev] pcbsd system source idea and question

Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 14:20:25 PST 2013

I was playing around with porthshaker to fetch and merge the latest
virtualbox development ports.  I thought of something as I told it to
grab the freebsd-ports fork from pcbsd rather than the freebsd ports
tree.  I've noticed that in system manager the source fetching tool is
now using git.  Does it now grab the source from pcbsd's github?  

I was just thinking how cool it would be if it did grab the source from
github for whatever running kernel and world revision the user is
updated to.  Likewise if the fetch ports feature would fetch the
modified ports from pcbsd rather than the ports tree from pcbsd.  Maybe
they could be renamed to "fetch pcbsd system source", and "fetch pcbsd

I wasn't sure if you might already be heading in the direction.  However
I am sure it would solve a lot of problems that I've had in the past
with building things that require the source for the running kernel.
This would also spare the user having to rebuild and reinstall kernel
and world to install something like virtualbox from ports.  I'm just
curious is this something that might already be in development or sound
like a good idea?

Joe Maloney

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