[PC-BSD Dev] virtualbox com object bandaid & qt4 problem?

Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 11:54:38 PST 2013

So I've been looking in the virtualbox cannot create com object error.
Creating a VirtualBox.xml under /root/./VirtuaBox will fix this.  It
seems that the executable is no longer creating this file as it should.
There was a PR created for this one that looks like it hasn't been
resolved yet.


Creating the file is enough to get VBoxManage to work from command line
and phpvirtualbox to function.  The next problem seems to be the QT
application segfaulting.  I've noticed some others mentioned having to
unload env variables such as LANG, some QT4 variables with the
experimental port.  However I've tried all this in a plain xsession and
verified that no variables were loading using the env command and no

I know normally I could debug gtk applications with gdb.  Not sure if
there may be something similar for qt4.  Really feels like maybe
something isn't right for launching the qt4 app though as it still
segfaults there.

I'm going to give the experimental ports a try next though I don't have
much hope that will fix.  Although some have reported the experimental
port works after unloading variables.  In which case that will be
annoying to have to unload things like LANG and not sure what other
effects that might have.  Just thought I would pass on what I've found
so far in case it might help solve.

Joe Maloney

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