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Mon Dec 2 13:01:29 PST 2013

I tested with fluxbox also and the language stayed the same. However I 
never tested with fluxbox after starting pcdm interactively rather than 
letting the system start pcdm.  I will give that a try also when I get a 

As far as I can tell when gdm is used gdm 2/3 itself doesn't modify 
.profile but it creates a .dmrc for gnome2 and for gnome3 it would use 
accountsservice.  From what I was reading kdm also uses the .dmrc method 
or at least it used to.  Gdm3 uses accountsservice and will set 
/var/db/AccountService/users/jmaloney to set langauge per a user.  That 
file would also be used to set account pictures.  I think lightdm also 
uses accountsservice but I'm still researching.

I think the way you were trying to do it by setting the variable made 
the most sense however.  Rather than touching .profile, etc.  I know at 
least gdm2/3 doesn't have to to have that so there must be some way.  
Although if there gdm 2/3 will respect those methods for setting 
locale.  I'm still looking into how each of these works exactly though.  
I hope I can dig up some kind of an answer soon.

Joe Maloney

On 12/02/2013 13:54, Ken Moore wrote:
> PCDM is (currently) just setting the "LANG" and "LC_ALL" environment 
> variables appropriately before starting up the selected DE. It is 
> possible that the DE itself is loading the /etc/profile or 
> /etc/login.conf (which PCDM just ignores at the moment), overwriting 
> the variables that PCDM setup for you. I am testing with Fluxbox here 
> (which is rather minimalist and does not have much if any localization 
> for the UI), and the environment variables are being set properly by 
> PCDM. So it might be something specific to the "big" DE's that is 
> causing the issue.
> It is sounding more and more that I am going to have to make PCDM 
> modify the system files (/etc/profile,  /etc/login.conf, ~/.profile) 
> whenever the user changes the localization. I am going to get this 
> setup here soon for you and see if that makes any difference.
> On 11/28/13 19:55, Joe Maloney wrote:
>> So I changed my shell to /bin/sh in root an manually started PCDM 
>> after setting LANG=.  At this point PCDM still showed up in english 
>> but when I logged into window managers such as mate they all came up 
>> in french.  I can see that PCDM was running prior to this as root in 
>> /bin/sh so I can’t see why it isn’t picking up /etc/profile and why 
>> that variable has to be passed interactively.  In addition just 
>> setting LC_ALL= in open box and launching mate-session also works. 
>>  Hope that provides a little more insight.  I will continue looking 
>> at the PCDM code a little more closely over the next couple of days 
>> if I get some more free time.
>> Joe Maloney
>> On Nov 28, 2013, at 6:02 PM, Joe Maloney <jpm820 at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:jpm820 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>> I’ve tested with the new iso released last night.  Language 
>>> switching it still broken.  It does switch the language at the PCDM 
>>> menu but when you go to log in everything is still in english.
>>> I’ve done some more testing today with /etc/profile.  In fact I 
>>> found that for gdm3 I had to set /etc/profile to the language I 
>>> wanted or GDM would show up in english.  I was able to get command 
>>> line applications such as nano to show up in other languages as well 
>>> by modifying /etc/login.conf.  Setting up both of these files 
>>> unfortunately had no effect on PCDM.
>>> From what I was reading login.conf is the preferred systemwide 
>>> method on FreeBSD.  Use of profile is actually not recommend because 
>>> it is specific to certain shells.  Interestingly enough however GDM3 
>>> language switching does not work without setting /etc/profile.
>>> I’m unfortunatley not very fluent in qt4 yet so it’s a little tough 
>>> for me to see what pcdm is actually trying to do when loading a 
>>> window manager.  From what I can tell however it looks like maybe 
>>> this pcdmxprocess is just setting an environment variable when 
>>> launching the selected window manager?  Is it possible that maybe 
>>> whatever shell it is launching with is not loading that variable? 
>>>  Or is it maybe something that defining what shell to load that 
>>> variable in might fix?  I’m also wondering if there is a way I can 
>>> pass a command that pcdm would use for launching a windows manager 
>>> manually using say xinit for testing?
>>> Joe Maloney
>>> On Nov 18, 2013, at 8:18 AM, Ken Moore <ken at pcbsd.org 
>>> <mailto:ken at pcbsd.org>> wrote:
>>>> On 11/17/13 15:32, Joe Maloney wrote:
>>>>> I’ve been working off and on with a user who is french who has 
>>>>> been testing my gnome3 packages for some time.  I was able in the 
>>>>> past to resolve his language settings not sticking with gdm3 by 
>>>>> having the freebsd gnome team patch accountsservice which you guys 
>>>>> will probably necessarily need to use i wouldn’t think as it’s 
>>>>> more of a gdm3 specific requirement.  However I was trying to look 
>>>>> into how I could solve this for a couple of reasons.  I find this 
>>>>> to be a very interesting problem.  The second reason would be so 
>>>>> that nothing holds back PCDM from going into 10 for sure if I can 
>>>>> be of any help.  :)
>>>>> I was chatting with the freebsd gnome team today about how gdm2 
>>>>> might set locales etc or possible workarounds which I also read 
>>>>> about in the FreeBSD handbook.  One was modifying /etc/profile 
>>>>> systemwide and ~/profile for each user.  These solutions work for 
>>>>> both gdm2, and gdm3.  Here are some examples I was given that also 
>>>>> worked for me.
>>>>> /etc/profile http://pastebin.com/VYVwymzm
>>>>> ~/.profile http://pastebin.com/TG2wZeNJ
>>>>> With these enabled gdm2 will also select that language shown in 
>>>>> the profile as the default.  After logging into xfce it respects 
>>>>> the change as well.  So that would be one way.  However if I start 
>>>>> xfce through PCDM it does not respect the change.  Runnning xfce 
>>>>> standalone does also not respect the change.  Which leads me to 
>>>>> believe gdm is also applying a change in some other file or just 
>>>>> on the fly to desktops such as xfce.  So I do think the answer 
>>>>> might be finding out how gdm 2 is doing it.  However I’m guessing 
>>>>> it must be done on the fly as switching from GDM back to PCDM 
>>>>> everything goes back to english regardless of what I set profile 
>>>>> and .profile to contain.
>>>>> I can see after further research that the problem is obviously 
>>>>> much bigger than PCBSD.  Going to the FreeBSD website and 
>>>>> selecting french works ok.  But the minute I click download I get 
>>>>> an english page, and an iso that starts installing in english with 
>>>>> no clear way that I can see to set the language at the beginning 
>>>>> of the install.  So I would say that PCBSD is ahead in this regard 
>>>>> as the install process can be viewed in many languages. 
>>>>>  Truthfully I never realized much of this until now.
>>>>> However I’ve been looking further and I can see that there are 
>>>>> ways to set locale settings in even places such as rc.conf to 
>>>>> control console behavior.  So perhaps if there  were man pages for 
>>>>> every language in the base an installer could be written for 
>>>>> freebsd as well to automate all of that stuff and just have it 
>>>>> available right from the console as well.  So if a user were to 
>>>>> type man ping it would display in that language etc out of box.
>>>>> I will write in more if I can find a fix for PCDM.  I just wanted 
>>>>> to relay some of this conversation I had with freebsd gnome 
>>>>> earlier in case any of it would provide any insight into fixing 
>>>>> the problem.
>>>>> Joe Maloney
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>>>> Thanks for the info!
>>>> I looked through the "profile" files that you linked to and it 
>>>> looks like the only difference is the "LC_ALL" environment 
>>>> variable. PCDM already formats/sets the LANG environment variable 
>>>> (default: en_US.UTF-8), but we did find/fix some localization bugs 
>>>> in the source within the last couple weeks, so perhaps that will 
>>>> fix the issues for you. I also just added the LC_ALL environment 
>>>> variable to PCDM a moment ago[1], so between these changes PCDM 
>>>> should be matching exactly what you reported that GDM was doing.
>>>> The only difference is that I do not have PCDM running the 
>>>> "~/.profile" file when starting up a user session at the moment. 
>>>> This is because of the concern that setting the locale in the login 
>>>> manager will not get propagated to the user session appropriately 
>>>> if there is a "default" profile setup for users on the system. I 
>>>> think the ".profile" file is important if you are doing a 
>>>> remote/CLI login on the system, so perhaps I should setup PCDM to 
>>>> auto-modify the LANG/LC_ALL variables in that user's file when you 
>>>> login. My only concern with this is that I will be modifying a 
>>>> user-preference file (which I am very hesitant to do - since I 
>>>> would hate to ruin someone's specially configured files).
>>>> [1] 
>>>> https://github.com/pcbsd/pcbsd/commit/269e8eea83bda065804e5f86353be1d62726e638
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