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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Dec 2 08:27:54 PST 2013

On 11/29/2013 14:32, Joe Maloney wrote:
> Just wanted to say thanks so much for the new ISO, and the mention on bsdnow.  It’s was really cool to be able to show my friends, family, and say looked what I helped do.   :)  Anyways it’s just really cool to finally have gnome3 out of box, and I’m really enjoying the new ISO.  My coworkers at work who use PCBSD are looking forward to it as well.  Hope to add some more stuff soon.  Thanks again.
> Joe Maloney

No problem, keep up the good work!

I'm enjoying the new desktops as well, cant wait to get an *official*
10.0-RELEASE ISO cut here in the near future.

> On Nov 18, 2013, at 12:08 PM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org> wrote:
>> On 11/18/2013 12:15, Joe Maloney wrote:
>>> I did have a couple of more questions I forgot to ask earlier.  Btw I am going to start with Gnome3, and Cinnamon.  Koop Mast wants to make a big update to Mate so he suggested I hold off on that.  I think it may be coming to ports soon anyway but I could still start making a metaset for it in the meantime to prepare for that.
>>> Back to the questions though.  Do you think it would be wise to roll an iso with only gnome3 and cinnamon as desktops?  Or should I try to squeeze them in with the current desktops and possibly just throw them in the unsupported desktops category?  Also would it be be a good idea to add to the pcbsd-* metasets for these or create an entirely new category like you have pcbsd, and trueos?  
>> I would add new pcbsd-* meta sets for them, same as the other desktops have. Then we'll list them as "supported" desktops, since they should be XDG complaint.
>>> I was also thinking as far as a way to add support to your current script for a user to add or remove their own custom packages, or metasets.  Maybe a way of doing this would be to have the script look for a custom list of ports to install or block, or have it look for a user defined metaset directory before pulling in the one from github?  What do you think?
>> That sounds reasonable, I'll add something to the build scripts for you to define your own "ports-overlay" directory, in addition to the PC-BSD ones. 
>>> Joe Maloney
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