[PC-BSD Dev] python change(s) to be aware of

Curt Dox tigersharke at gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 02:32:53 PDT 2013

Another change that affects a very popular port: python

Affects: users of lang/python*
Author: mva at FreeBSD.org
  The lang/python* ports do not install links to 2to3, idle, pydoc,
python and other binaries anymore. Those were moved into the
lang/python2 and lang/python3 ports respectively. This change brings us
closer to the goal of making Python ports usable with different Python
versions at the same time.

If you have lang/python2* or lang/python3* installed, please also
install the associated lang/python2 or lang/python3 port.

  1. update lang/python2* and/or lang/python3*
  2. install lang/python2 and/or lang/python3
  3. reinstall lang/python (if installed)

(I had to look this over a couple times before I realized that for
example, the installed python27 would need the new python2 port.)

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