[PC-BSD Dev] PCDM help needed?

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Thu Aug 8 05:37:26 PDT 2013

On 08/07/2013 19:01, Joe Maloney wrote:
> I've noticed that switch to PCDM as the default login manager has been 
> postponed.  I was just curious if there were any specifics on what 
> might be needed to make it functional enough to replace GDM?  I was 
> also curious if any help might be needed in a specific area to 
> complete it?
> Joe Maloney
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Yeah, we ran into a couple issues right before the switch which caused 
us to delay the implementation of it.
1) We need to implement all the xauthority stuff for any user session 
that gets started (completely forgot about this until we ran a couple of 
our final tests)
2) We need to make sure that all of the processes started within a 
user's session get killed properly when that session is closed. This 
might be solved when we revoke the xauthority for that session on logout.

Basically, we are trying to make sure that PCDM does not need to ever 
restart X (even after login/logout). We have this working now but it 
caused a few of the problems mentioned above that we still need to get 
resolved. I was going to return to it in the next couple weeks, but the 
xauth stuff is not necessarily my strong suit. So if you want to take a 
stab at it here soon then feel free.

Just let me know if you do start working on it so that I know not to 
clobber your changes when I pick it  up again. :-)

~~ Ken Moore ~~

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