[PC-BSD Dev] pc-mounttray feature request

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Wed Aug 7 09:55:54 PDT 2013

On 08/07/2013 09:35, Ken Moore wrote:
> On 08/07/2013 09:15, Kris Moore wrote:
>> On 08/07/2013 06:11, Yuri Momotiuk wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> What about adding ability to mount iso images using mounttray?
>>> You may use something like this sequence:
>>>  mdconfig -a -f /iso_file_full_name.iso
>>> (name of created device mdXX should be in stdout)
>>> mount /dev/mdXX ...
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>>> Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk
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>> That would be *really* helpful, since its a pain to mount the ISO's 
>> for those who don't know about "mdconfig".
>> Ken, is that something you can add?
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>> Kris Moore
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>> iXsystems
> I have added it to my short list of things do to (probably get to it 
> later this week).
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> ~~ Ken Moore ~~
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OK, I went ahead and added this functionality to the mount tray since I 
had a moment.

If you go to the "Other Options" in the menu, there is now an option for 
"Load ISO File". This will create the memory disk and automatically 
mount it. When it is unmounted it will detach the memory disk as well 
(keeping the system nice and clean). Actually, it will even detect if 
you create a memory disk yourself and take care of that for you 
automatically, just as if you used the GUI.

Please try it out and make sure that it all works well for you. I have 
been testing with a PCBSD install *.iso, and it seems to work well for 
that particular case.

~~ Ken Moore ~~

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