[PC-BSD Dev] Structure of UNIX based systems

karthick raj gskraj at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 21:52:04 PDT 2013

Hi All,

I may not be the right person to comment on the structure of UNIX based
systems, but this happened when i first installed ubuntu 10.04 out of
curiosity 4 years back. Since then i was pretty much amazed on the open
source development. But the question deep in my mind is, "Eventhough the
operating system is available for free, why it has not reached the nook and
corner of the world?". After understanding the flow and structure of
successful operating systems like the Mac and the Windows, I found the
structure and the process that are being followed is not right. If we could
change the structure, the operating system will reach it's actual goal of
serving all.

If my view is wrong, kindly reply back with your views.

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