[PC-BSD Dev] Help offer

Claudio claudio at hpgcc3.org
Wed Apr 24 10:25:22 PDT 2013

Hello, everyone
I've used PCBSD for a while now, and I noticed there's very few 
developers. I can help with C/C++/ASM/Qt/Shell scripts, or even LUA. I 
have experience with both x86 and ARM systems. I mainly code as a hobby. 
I just finished writing a new file system (published but not thoroughly 
tested for production yet) and a multithreaded memory allocator (yet to 
be published, just for fun, mine is faster than jemalloc, but I couldn't 
beat tcmalloc... it's still about 10% faster than mine and uses less 
memory, but it's OK for a hobby project). I've also prepared and 
published a Board support package for the QNX OS, but I moved away when 
they closed the source code. I'm willing to get involved, I can spare a 
few hours a week and I don't get scared easily.
I've seen the TODO list, but I'm not sure that's even current. Are there 
any (relatively small) tasks for me to start getting into? I'll take 
bigger tasks as I get more familiar with how things progress. Anything 
that's a priority?


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