[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD 8 auto installation gpart big size problem

Vecihi DEMİR vecihi.demir at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 03:16:29 PDT 2013

I'm using auto installation property of PC-BSD 8. I got this error on
partition create process. I think 11712877029  is too much for gpart. But
this size information automatically detected by PC-BSD auto installer
script. (Shown as below)

# gpart add -b 2016 -s 11712877029 -t freebsd -i 1 mfid0
gpart: size: '11712877029' : Invalid argument

I opened mfsroot.gz file. And i found these scripts:

test-builder# grep -HR 'gpart add -b' *
pc-sysinstall/backend/functions-disk.sh:  rc_halt "gpart add -b 34 -s 64 -t
freebsd-boot ${_intDISK}"
pc-sysinstall/backend/functions-disk.sh:  rc_halt "gpart add -b
${startblock} -s ${sizeblock} -t freebsd -i 1 ${_intDISK}"
pc-sysinstall/backend/functions-disk.sh:  rc_halt "gpart add -b
${startblock} -s ${sizeblock} -t freebsd -i ${slicenum} ${DISK}"
pc-sysinstall/backend/functions-bsdlabel.sh:          rc_halt "gpart add -b
2016 ${SOUT} -t ${PARTYPE} ${_pDisk}"
pc-sysinstall/backend-partmanager/create-part.sh:gpart add -b ${STARTBLOCK}
-s ${TOTALBLOCKS} -t freebsd -i ${SLICENUM} ${DISK}

For handling this issue what should i change on this scripts?

Thank you,
Best regards
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