[PC-BSD Dev] network manager bug ?

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Tue Apr 9 07:53:30 PDT 2013


I am in the process of upgrading all of my 9.0 to 9.1 and I have been 
finding some RANDOM issues with the network cards (they are all the same 

I had a little extra time in my hands last night and I kind of figured 
out the issue.

Sometime the network manager configures the cards with the wrong values 
when using static IPs, for example after I set:
  - IP:
  - NetMask:
  - Router:

the rc.conf entry looked like this:
  - defaultrouter=""
  - ifconfig_bg0=" netmask"

I then checked the network manager thinking I miss-typed the value (it 
was still open), I clicked "apply", "save" and re-opened rc.conf only to 
see that the configuration was still wrong. ( Once closed and re-opened, 
the network manager it started to configure correctly, but not every time. )

I manually changed the entry to have the correct netmask, restarted the 
network via the network manager, and still no luck, restarted computer, 
but still I was not able to ping I then changed network 
card like I have done on other computers, reconfigure it, changed cable 
and switch.. but still nothing.

I then run sysinstall, and configured the network.  I noticed that the 
values entered where not automatically recognized, so i typed them 
again, I told to bring the interface UP using the same values, and it 

I went into rc.conf and noticed that the ifconfig_bg0 line was a little 
different, instead than

         ifconfig_bg0=" netmask"

it was

         ifconfig_bg0="inet  netmask"

I am not sure what difference is but I went back to other computers that 
had network issues with bg0, changed the ifconfig to have "inet" in it 
and everything start to work on those as well.

The problem is not isolated only to bg0, also em0 sometime doesn't work 
without the inet in it, as well as vl0 (I believe that is the code).

Maybe network manager should automatically add inet to the rc.conf line ?


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