[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD scripting langiage... again

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Tue Apr 2 13:58:43 PDT 2013

On 01/04/2013 19:38, Torsten Eichstädt wrote:
>  > > Python is not suitable for simple tasks *where users* shall be able to
>  > > change s/th, because for newbies Python is too error-prone.
>  >
>  > You keep repeating it, but you haven't given a single argument why do
>  > you think so despite being shown some evidence to the contrary.
> We've had s/o here who wrote he must change s/th to use PC-BSD in his
> network. I'm extrapolating -> he was one example, many want or have to
> do that, especially bigger organizations/companies.
> error-prone: You gave examples of subtle mistakes done by experienced
> programmers in Python => for newbies, it's much easier to make even more
> mistakes.
You still haven't given a single argument why do you think that it's 
easy to make mistakes in Python.

And as to my examples, no, they are errors of both newbies and 
experienced coders put together. I did not compile the list to show 
errors that were interesting or something; I listed all I remember and I 
think nearly all (maybe all) that I've seen.

The list was short, which I view as an evidence (though imperfect) that 
even when a noob makes a mistake, they can find it and (sometimes with 
help) - fix it. That is - mistakes that really matter are rare.

As to bias in the list, what I see is:
* it covers only bugs that I remember (A slight one, I think)
* all coders were computer science grads and coded professionally in 
some language before
* they had it easy to communicate with more experienced coders

>  > > Yes. But honestly, JavaScript is not exotic! It's a widely used,
>  > > standardized scripting language. Any experienced programmer will be
> able
>  > > to learn it within short time.
>  >
>  > I think just a moment before you've been writing about newbies.
> I do not understand this. Maybe we have a misunderstanding here. What
> I'm trying to say is that config handling should be as easy as possible
> to allow for quick adjustment. In many cases, adjustments will not be
> done by experienced UNIX'ers, IMHO. Using a simple, easy language does
> not exclude experienced programmers. But vice versa: using a complex
> language excludes newbies.
Yes, I misunderstood you. Now I got it.
Twoje radio

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