[PC-BSD Dev] Boot time + boot screen + LXDE

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Fri Mar 9 08:59:56 PST 2012

On 03/09/2012 11:16, Kris Moore wrote:
> I'm trying to debug this issue now. Its a weird one. On my system here,
> the refresh only happens for about a minute, then it stabilizes and
> works normally. Is that what you see on your systems as well?

It does no matter how long I have the computers on :-(

> The LXDE file-manager doesn't do all the niceties like smb: browsing. I
> usually run LXDE with KDE installed, so I can bring up dolphin if I want
> to do that.

that means that is not ready for production here then.. Most of our 
company data is on the network.

I will install KDE on all the computers so they can access it and work 
on it correctly.

one more thing:

On one computer I have 2 users:
  - admin
  - csr

the admin doesn't have the network bookmarked and it was created at 
csr was added later and it has the network share bookmarked

admin I can write: smb://192.168.1.###/sharefiles  and I am able to 
access the shares, it asks me the username and password each time (they 
are different than the user username and password) and it works.

on the user csr I can write smb://192.168.1.###/ and I am able to see 
the shares, as soon as I click on one (that time that it should ask me 
to authenticate) it gives me the error.  I have a username in the samba 
server called "csr" and it uses the same user and password as the "csr" 
user on this computer.

This said, I have a second computer with 1 user only, the user was 
created during installation and has the same sharedfiles bookmarked and 
and the username and password are on the samba server.  This computer 
doesn't have any problems re-opening the share. the username is 8 chars 
long (fabrizio).

All the users are set to be admins and the two computers are two 
identical computers with the same updates and same PBIs except the 
second one that  has eclipse installed.

I haven't had time to try longer usernames or to not use the bookmarks 
or to check the differences in the home folder between two brand new 
user (installation user and added user).


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