[PC-BSD Dev] Boot time + boot screen + LXDE

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Mar 9 08:16:12 PST 2012

On 03/07/2012 14:04, Fabrizio Parrella wrote:
> I have a few requests.
> I have installed PC-BSD 9.0 on most of the computers in my company
> using LXDE instead than KDE.  I must admit that it is MUCH faster, but
> LXDE still have major issues that will force me to convert most of
> those users back to KDE.
> a few issues are:
>  - Username that are 7 chars long causes the menu to refresh every 4
> second (weird, but it happens)

I'm trying to debug this issue now. Its a weird one. On my system here,
the refresh only happens for about a minute, then it stabilizes and
works normally. Is that what you see on your systems as well?

>  - Network files cannot be opened directly from the network (for
> example using open office and "file manager" and smb: protocol with
> authentication)
The LXDE file-manager doesn't do all the niceties like smb: browsing. I
usually run LXDE with KDE installed, so I can bring up dolphin if I want
to do that.

>  - Network bookmarks often do not work and give a samba + dbus error,
> so far the only way to solve this issue is to drop  ( ? ) the user and
> recreate it.  Some users (like the one on my computer) for some reason
> work without a problem.  Speculating: I wonder if it has to do with
> the username length here too ?
>  - Proxy is not respected by browsers or emails, I have to manually
> change the files and add the proxy, but each time that there is an
> update, I have to do it again
> Now, about the boot time, I have had a few people complains that it
> takes too long, I went and checked and most of them when they see the
> screen with the brownish/reddish count down (10 seconds) press enter
> or press a button, as they don't want to wait and assume that pressing
> keys would make it go faster. Maybe that should be changed to 2
> seconds as in production computers almost no one needs to change those
> parameters, and when they need to be changed then is safe to assume
> that the person will be there to press the space or any button.
> I also noticed that the "countdown" screen is different on some random
> computer.  I have 6 of the same computers, same ram, same everything,
> and in 4 of them the "countdown" screen is the new improved one, on
> the other 2 the screen is the classical black screen with the white
> text and "PC BSD" on the right.  not sure what makes those change and
> if that is only the effect of other possible problems, but worth to
> mention.
I'll look into these other issues soon also :)

> Thank you
> Fabry
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