[PC-BSD Dev] Boot time + boot screen + LXDE

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Wed Mar 7 11:04:25 PST 2012

I have a few requests.

I have installed PC-BSD 9.0 on most of the computers in my company using 
LXDE instead than KDE.  I must admit that it is MUCH faster, but LXDE 
still have major issues that will force me to convert most of those 
users back to KDE.

a few issues are:
  - Username that are 7 chars long causes the menu to refresh every 4 
second (weird, but it happens)
  - Network files cannot be opened directly from the network (for 
example using open office and "file manager" and smb: protocol with 
  - Network bookmarks often do not work and give a samba + dbus error, 
so far the only way to solve this issue is to drop  ( ? ) the user and 
recreate it.  Some users (like the one on my computer) for some reason 
work without a problem.  Speculating: I wonder if it has to do with the 
username length here too ?
  - Proxy is not respected by browsers or emails, I have to manually 
change the files and add the proxy, but each time that there is an 
update, I have to do it again

Now, about the boot time, I have had a few people complains that it 
takes too long, I went and checked and most of them when they see the 
screen with the brownish/reddish count down (10 seconds) press enter or 
press a button, as they don't want to wait and assume that pressing keys 
would make it go faster. Maybe that should be changed to 2 seconds as in 
production computers almost no one needs to change those parameters, and 
when they need to be changed then is safe to assume that the person will 
be there to press the space or any button.

I also noticed that the "countdown" screen is different on some random 
computer.  I have 6 of the same computers, same ram, same everything, 
and in 4 of them the "countdown" screen is the new improved one, on the 
other 2 the screen is the classical black screen with the white text and 
"PC BSD" on the right.  not sure what makes those change and if that is 
only the effect of other possible problems, but worth to mention.

Thank you


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