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Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Wed Jun 6 09:47:31 PDT 2012

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> Subject: 	[PC-BSD Dev] PCDE proposal
> Date: 	Tue, 5 Jun 2012 17:10:08 +0300
> From: 	Yuri Momotiuk <yurkis at gmail.com>
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> Hello
> I sow Ken's commit with PCDE app. Is it possible to make ui on QML + 
> JS? It brings to us well skinnable UI and separation between login 
> logic and view.
> -- 
> Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk

I just started working on PCDE (a Qt login manager for PC-BSD) in my 
spare time, and I fully plan on having it completely skinnable by the 
time it is ready to be tested (via reading a configuration file).

I am not very familiar with QML+JS at the moment. Could you point me to 
a website that explains it, maybe with an example from you as to what 
you would use it for? If it is looks promising, I might switch over to 
using that for the interface instead.

~~ Ken Moore ~~

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