[PC-BSD Dev] Support Active Directory environments out of the box

Rob Messick robmessick at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 19:41:26 PDT 2012

I use pcbsd 9.0 at my day job as a member of a windows domain. Every 
time a new set of packages roll around, I have to do the following:

  * Recompile the samba* port: WITH_ADS and WITH_WINBIND
  * Recompile samba-libsmbclient WITH_ADS
  * Recompile "xscreensaver" WITH_PAM and WITH_KERBEROS

I see that the samba configuration stuff has already been added. Will 
someone add the xscreensaver options as well?

Obviously, this isn't a complete solution. A user still has to update 
the pam configuration when that gets clobbered by a new update. AFAIK 
there isn't an interface for joining a windows domain (Redhat and other 
linux distros provide this).

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