[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD 9.0 Released!

H hm at hm.net.br
Sat Jan 14 07:33:49 PST 2012

greetings ...

On Friday 13 January 2012 12:34:34 Kris Moore wrote:
> Some 9.0 highlights:
> * Based upon FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE
> * Support for installing a variety of Window Managers, such as KDE,
> GNOME, XFCE, LXDE and more!
> * Improved PBI system, allows library sharing, binary diff updating,
> custom repositories, digital signing and more!
> * Support for "freebsd-update" via the System Update GUI.
> * New Control Panel, providing consistent configuration options across
> various Window Managers.
> * Improved networking utilities, including wifi quick-connect.
> * Enhanced "Life-Preserver" utility for doing off-site rsync backups of
> user data.
> * New VirtualBox / VMware disk images, with integrated guest tools.
> * Support for UFS+Journaling out of box
> * New graphical boot options page
> * Support for installation to BootCamp partitions on OSX systems.
* And much more! ... funny stuff

did you learn your installer/updater not to delete user programms installed  
from ports (using portmaster or portinstall)?

and this loader.conf cleansing? letting only

after any reboot?  luck that loader.conf.local is still being read ...

did you learned this dolphin crap what are zips and gzs are?

did you learn KDE4 not to delete it's configs after any unclean shutdown as 
well as after any power-bottom shutdown (ACPI) ?

and what about this crappy "square blurred" mouse cursor when using dual-head 
with radeonhd?

in comparism to my fedora 10 + kde4 on the same machine, this FreeBSD is kind 
of slow? Noooo shit slow 

* And much more not worth mentioning ...

it's probably not your fault but kde4 seems to be a maior joke on freebsd ... 


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