[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD 9.1 issues

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Dec 28 10:36:05 PST 2012

On 12/28/2012 13:04, Fabrizio Parrella wrote:
> To add to the list of issues:
> network bge0 doesn't work any longer.  It was not working on 8.x,
> worked on 9.0, and now is not working again on 9.1.
> The issue is very weird, the OS seems to recognize it as active and
> working, the bottom right icon goes "red" from time to time randomly. 
> When I do an ifconfig everything seems ok.  I checked
> /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/rc.d rebooted the computer but no
> connectivity.  Even tried to change the IP address in case there was a
> conflict.
> My gateway is, when I run consecutive
> > ping
> I get different errors, from "no route to host" to timeouts.
> 99% of our computers are Otiplex 740, and they all come with the same
> network card.  The ones that have a secondary card in it work without
> problem with that secondary card.
> I believe that as of right now and with those problems I will have to
> stop upgrading the computers, our of the 4 I have tried only one
> worked and one even if now works it needed a lot of command line fixes
> to create new users (it was a brand new installation)
> Maybe I should do what I usually do for windows upgrades and wait for
> a  "service pack" release.... ?
> Fabry


I've got the list of bugs you've found here, and will be working to fix
them shortly. As for the networking issue, can you diagnose what type of
bug it is? Driver? Are you certain it isn't a faulty nic? Does ifconfig
show status down, or does the light on the back of nic turn off when it
goes haywire? What makes me think that it may be hardware is that
rebooting didn't seem to fix it :(

Can you send me output of "ifconfig bge0" on the system?

> On 12/26/2012 16:11, Fabrizio Parrella wrote:
>> OK, so far I have experienced a higher speed with the new PC-BSD, the
>> shut-down is almost instantaneous, the boot up is a lot faster, but I
>> have some issues with the network configuration and user creation.
>> I have already sent an email with some of the issues, but I was
>> thinking that I would summarize them in one emails and add a new one
>> (all of those experienced in 2 different machines and with LXDE as
>> desktop):
>>  - Creating user via the user management doesn't work.  The
>> /home/<user> folder is created and empty, the owner of the folder is
>> root:wheel and not the user itself.  if I chown the folder then I can
>> login with suck user, else I get errors like "folder is full" or
>> "folder does not exists"
>>  - manually setting the IP of a network card with netmask
>> "" gives an error that the netmask should be in range
>> between "0..255".  I set it to and then manually modified in
>> the /etc/rc.conf
>>  - changing the hostname completely stops the network from working. I
>> was not able to reach out with dig, but I could ping direct IP
>> address in my internal network.  Wondering if maybe some files needs
>> to be moved or services restarted (I tried to restart the network
>> unsuccessfully).  But anyway, I would suggest a request to reboot
>> when the hostname is changed
>>  - Setting the proxy to "http://sub.domain.com" removes everything
>> but the "http" from the configuration
>>  - DNS settings were lost after I changed the hostname.
>>  - If you try to customize the DNS, then press the "public server",
>> then pressing "OK" or "CANCEL" will cause the network configuration
>> to close.
>>  - Missing the configuration for the "NO_PROXY" domains, currently it
>> automatically adds and localhost
>>  - Video Card first boot configuration doesn't work.  I tried to
>> install 9.1 on an old DELL 270, there was 9.0 installed and working,
>> I simply formatted and reinstalled.  At first boot I start to get
>> black screen when the video was identified, then starting to get
>> weird errors and some random reboots.  The videocard is an Intel.  I
>> haven't tried to install the 9.0 on it again, but I will probably do
>> it soon.
>> Thank you
>> Fabry
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