[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD 9.1 now available!

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Dec 26 07:40:38 PST 2012

Well, I updated 1 PC, and have some comments:

1. I had 9.0 with geli encryped disk, I got no option to upgrade it - 
don't know if it's as designed or bug.
2. I had relatively small disk (28G SSD), and 2Gb for /boot seems for me 
overhead. Also, ZFS default layout is great, but it's kind of 
complicated to repeat all of it in manual mode, just to be able shrink 
/boot. So, I came up with default setup :-P
Can /boot size became adjustable in Installer?

3. ati video driver broken - it should be recompiled with such addition 
in port Makefile:
CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --disable-kms

Otherwise, X simply not starts. When recompiled, drivers works just 
fine, and could even gave decent FPS in GL apps.

4. If we have mc builtin, let's remove it's PBI ? :)

5. I installed from USB drive. When I saw that it not proposed for me 
upgrade, I pressed reset, and backed up my data.
After this boot form USB failed, because of it required fsck. Do something:
a) Make install media in RO all of the time (if it require store some 
data, create small RW partition for data)
b) Add fsck to USB-image rc.conf  (But this is really bad, since you'll 
not get same media boot after boot - e.g. no checksums will be trustworthy)

Maybe I'll remember something more :)

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