[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD 9-STABLE-20120418 snapshot available

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Apr 19 08:20:29 PDT 2012

The PC-BSD team is pleased to make available the first public 9-STABLE
snapshot for 64bit systems!

This snapshot provides both users and developers a means to test out new
features in the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 release. This snapshot may contain
buggy code and features, so users are encouraged to run it only on
non-critical systems.

* FreeBSD 9-STABLE from 4-11-2012
* New system installer! Greatly simplified for desktop and server installs.
* New "PC-BSD Server" installation option. Includes command-line
utilities like pbi-manager, warden, metapkgmanager and more.
* Support for ZFS mirror / raidz(1,2,3) during installation.
* Support for SWAP on ZFS, allowing entire disk ZFS installation.
* Support for setting additional ZFS data-set options, such as
compression, noexec, etc.
* Warden jail management integrated into system. Allows creating jails
via GUI, adding packages and other administration.
* First boot setup wizard allows OEM installs to be easily performed.
* New Bluetooth paring tray / GUI utilities.
* New AppCafe improvements and preferences
* Improvements to wifi utility
* Fixed bug causing untranslated strings to show up empty.
* Numerous bug-fixes to PC-BSD related utilities
* And much more!

* There is a bug installing to boot-camp partitions which will be fixed
in next snapshot
* The warden rc.d script is not enabled by default. Add
'warden_enable="YES"' to /etc/rc.conf to enable.
* The i386 image was not built for this snapshot, however it will
available in the upcoming weeks.
* The installer will not correctly start on systems with < 512MB of ram,
which will be fixed in upcoming snapshots.
* This snapshot does NOT contain the upcoming Intel GEM/KMS video driver
support. This will be available in a future snapshot.

The DVD / USB images are available via the PC-BSD mirrors. You may
select the mirror and files from the URL below:


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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