[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD 9.0-BETA2 available!

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Tue Sep 13 09:41:17 PDT 2011

*Release Announcement*

The next BETA release of the upcoming PC-BSD 9.0 is now available! This
release includes the latest
FreeBSD 9.0-BETA2 base, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.




Notable changes in this release: (In no particular order)

* Fixed an issue fetching large sets of packages during an update
* Added NVIDIA driver to install media, allowing it to be used instead
of "vesa" and "nv"
* Fixed an issue with passwords & encryption strings with a '=' in them
causing parse errors
* Auto correct if user tries to use /home mount-point to /usr/home
* Fixed internet installation defaulting to an incorrectly formatted URL
* Added sanity checks to AppCafe to check if user is able to install
* Fix to pbi-manager to checkout correct FreeBSD sources
* When adding new users via the GUI, include them in the "operator"
group by default
* Fixed misc crashes while using the User Manager
* Set wallpaper to full-screen mode on install images
* Increase default '/' partition size to 2GB
* Added AppCafe warning when no meta files can be found
* Cap the size of default swap space
* Fixed layout of default XFCE menu
* Make hyper-links work in Welcome application
* Fix loading translation files in Xorg Wizard
* Show total and current MB of downloads in AppCafe
* Fixed bugs in Firewall Manager causing incorrect service names to be
* Show status of firewall restart in the GUI
* Put volume applet on LXDE panel by default
* Added feature to System Manager and Installer to right-click on
meta-pkgs and show details
* Reorganized the meta-pkg layout
* Enhance pc-su to use more appropriate "su" backend depending upon WM
being run
* Include support for some additional Broadcom wifi chipsets by default
* Allow booting to emergency console on LIVE images
* Added Draft version of PC-BSD 9 handbook
* Speed up booting by loading some KLDs after kernel is loaded
* Clear temporary files in /tmp at boot by default
* Add support into AppCafe for showing HTML formatted descriptions
* Added new default font configuration
* Use more appropriate icons for entries in Control Panel
* Fixed an issue with IBUS variables not being set properly
* Fixed printer config to use "pc-su" so we have permissions to add /
remove devices
* Fixed syntax bug when trying to install using "gmirror"
* Fix pbi-manager to resume downloading meta-data if the system was
shutdown before it finished

*Known Issues / Errata*

When installing from DVD the Adobe Flash plugin may not be enabled by
default. To fix this, open a terminal and run the command

% flashpluginctl on

The update GUI in BETA 1.5 may not let you select the update to BETA2.
To work around this you can start the
update via the command-line using the following command:

(as root)
# pc-updatemanager install release-9.0-BETA2

The update will begin to download and may take a while to finish. If you
lose connection, or need to restart the update
at a later time it will resume at where the download left off previously.

*Reporting Bugs*

Since this is a beta release, please feel assist us by reporting and
fixing bugs. Users are encouraged to discuss their findings on the
testers mailing list <http://lists.pcbsd.org/mailman/listinfo/testing>,
or via the PC-BSD Forums <http://forums.pcbsd.org/forumdisplay.php?f=64>.

There are a greater variety of ways to install PC-BSD in the 9.x series.
When providing feedback please indicate which install media you are
using and in which window manager the error occurs.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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