[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD 9.0-RC2 now available!

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Wed Nov 23 08:47:45 PST 2011

*Release Announcement*

The second release candidate for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.0 is now available! This
release includes the latest FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 base, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.




Notable changes in this release: (In no particular order)

* Improve username checks in installer to only allow valid chars
* Add button for xvkbd virtual-keyboard usage during installation, install can now be done entirely via touch-screen
* VirtualBox mouse-pointer integration works by default after selecting vboxvideo in display wizard
* Improve update-manager to not fail on soft errors
* In services tool, sort by name by default and enable user-sorting via headers
* Fix mime issues causing false identification of office documents as .zip files
* Set default language to en_US.UTF-8 which fixes mouting some removable media
* Set the default mirror server on first boot to the fastest available
* Save users proxy / pbi configuration across upgrades
* Fix bug in AppCafe to show PBIs not associated with a particular repo
* Added FVWM and FVWM-Crystal as desktop options
* Prompt for a desktop in LIVE mode
* Add Koffice-kde4 as optional meta-pkg for KDE4
* Make pbi-manager more "sudo" friendly
* Added optional meta-pkg for Compiz
* Enable DynamicPM on ATI video
* Add "switcher2" utility for changing gtk theme
* Add -R option to "pbi_add" which fetches PBI install file without installing or removing it
* Add xscreensaver to base system to fix issues in XFCE4 & others

* Known Issues*

The default KDE wallpaper / desktop is broken with the update to 4.7.3. This will be fixed for RC3.

*Reporting Bugs*

Since this is a pre-release, please feel assist us by reporting and
fixing bugs. Users are encouraged to discuss their findings on the
testers mailing list <http://lists.pcbsd.org/mailman/listinfo/testing>,
or via the PC-BSD Forums <http://forums.pcbsd.org/forumdisplay.php?f=64>.

There are a greater variety of ways to install PC-BSD in the 9.x series.
When providing feedback please indicate which install media you are
using and in which window manager the error occurs.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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