[PC-BSD Dev] Update manager

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Jun 23 12:41:10 PDT 2011

On 06/23/2011 12:55, Yuri Momotiuk wrote:
> Hello
> I have just seen commit with pc-updatemanager. Is it will can perform 
> full system update or freebsd-update script still will be useful?
> Currently I plan to add simple 'freebsd-update' feature (for word, not 
> for kernel) to System manager after 9.0 RELEASE (when I'll can test it 
> with real updates).
> -- 
> Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk


Hold off on that work. Once I'm finished with this new backend, I'm 
going to be taking the system update GUI out of the system manager and 
turning it into its own program. When its finished, it'll be able to 
perform 4 types of updates:

* freebsd-update for both kernel / world
* stand-alone updates, for PC-BSD tools and such, control panel, life 
preserver, etc.
* pkg updates to system packages, I.E. nvidia / adobe flash, etc
* Full-system updates, I.E. from 9.0 -> 9.1 -> 9.2, etc

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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