[PC-BSD Dev] PC-BSD 8.x WiFi kernel panic issues on Pentium-M

Rick rick at sloservers.com
Wed Jan 26 09:25:02 PST 2011

On 2011/01/26 8:53, Kris Moore wrote:
> On 01/24/2011 19:44, Rick wrote:
> > I'm having a wifi issue very similar to the one reported here:
> > http://lists.pcbsd.org/pipermail/testing/2011-January/004809.html
> > A short time after enabling wireless networking, the system panics and
> > reboots.  Each time rc.conf is wiped out.
> > I've tried i386 PC-BSD 8.1 and 8.2-RC2 and have this problem on two
> > similar laptops: Dell D610 and HP nc6000.  Both laptops are Pentium-M
> > class, 1GB RAM, mini-PCI.  I have tried an Intel NIC, Broadcom NIC, and
> > Ralink NIC with the same results.
> > Is this a known-issue?  Is there something I can do to help troubleshoot
> > this problem?
> > Thanks,
> > Rick
> This is a known problem in the 8.x series, for whatever reason
> restarting the wireless networking sometimes causes a kernel panic, and
> any stuff not synced to disk is lost. FWIW it seems to be fixed/better
> on 9.
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I'll grab a 9-current snapshot and give it a try.  I haven't had this
problem with 8.x before, though, and it happens when turning wireless
networking on for the first time as well as restarting.

Also this happens every time on these two laptops--it's not an
intermittent problem.


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