[PC-BSD Dev] Synchronise the language for SysInstaller and KDE4

Sam Lin semin2006 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 01:45:21 PST 2011

When installing PCBSD users are able to choose their preferred
language for SysInstaller, whereas once the whole PCBSD system is
installed and the desktop environment (let's KDE4 for now, since more
options may be available in future) is launched, the interface is
still in English unless the user additionally set the language for
KDE4 interface in "System Setting/Regional & Language", which may add
extra hurdle to non-English users.

Since the idea of translating PCBSD is to get non-English users to get
comfortable with the system, I think it would be best get PCBSD
desktop environment to automatically set its language as that in
SysInstaller (e.g. set French in SysInstaller and then the desktop
environment will also have been set as French without additional

I understand the translation in PCBSD and that in KDE4 are actually
independent and the translation in KDE4 may not be complete for some
languages that are available in PCBSD SysInstaller, and vice versa. A
possible workaround is to add an additional tab/option in
SysInstaller, letting users to decide whether or not they want the
language for SysInstaller and KDE4 to be the same or not, with a
reminder to inform users that some languages may be
incomplete/unavailable etc.

Would it be be feasible to integrate this option in the next release?


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