[PC-BSD Dev] Subject: Re: 9.0 Recommendation: partitioning

Andrei Kolu antik at pcbsd.org
Sat Sep 25 02:49:02 PDT 2010

Just some thoughts.

In case of your multiterabyte hard drive with one huge / partition.
Suddely your system starts behave ill, BAD SECTORS arrived! UUhhh, now
your single partition inodes got fsked into oblivion and you are not
able to access your files anymore- never.

If you are worried about your filesystem usage than I'd recommend to
read nightly reports about your system and strongly recommend to
forward all reports to your external mail server- in case you are lazy
to read them locally. In case of disastrous failure you'll have some
knowledge, what may happend.

Removing stale files from /var/preserve:

Cleaning out old system announcements:

Removing stale files from /var/rwho:

Backup passwd and group files:

Verifying group file syntax:
/etc/group is fine

Backing up mail aliases:

Disk status:
Filesystem            Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/da0s1a           496M    430M     26M    94%    /
devfs                 1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /dev
/dev/da0s1e           496M     62K    456M     0%    /tmp
/dev/da0s1f            99G    4.0G     87G     4%    /usr
/dev/da0s1d           4.8G    104M    4.3G     2%    /var
data                  913G    687G    227G    75%    /data
data/configuration    227G      0B    227G     0%    /data/configuration
data/iscsi            227G      0B    227G     0%    /data/iscsi

Last dump(s) done (Dump '>' file systems):

Checking status of zfs pools:
all pools are healthy

Network interface status:
Name    Mtu Network       Address              Ipkts Ierrs    Opkts Oerrs  Coll
em0    1500 <Link#1>      00:15:17:9c:56:c3 2231559500     0
2169415505     0     0
em0    1500     1684714158     -
2169373711     -     -
em0    1500      542164855     -        0     -     -
lo0   16384 <Link#2>                         4996050     0  4996050     0     0
lo0   16384 fe80:2::1     fe80:2::1                0     -        0     -     -
lo0   16384 localhost     ::1                4994401     -  4994401     -     -
lo0   16384 your-net      localhost             1649     -     1649     -     -

Local system status:
 3:01AM  up 33 days, 14:19, 0 users, load averages: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Mail in local queue:
/var/spool/mqueue is empty
               Total requests: 0

Mail in submit queue:
/var/spool/clientmqueue is empty
               Total requests: 0

Security check:
   (output mailed separately)

Checking for rejected mail hosts:

Checking for denied zone transfers (AXFR and IXFR):


-- End of daily output --


Andrei Kolu
Raidon Raalid OÜ
(Yep, i got my own company now.)

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