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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Sep 23 06:32:17 PDT 2010

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On 09/23/2010 05:35, Yuri Momotiuk wrote:
> Hello
> Do you plan to make control panel expandable? In current svn all
> applications are hardcoded.
> I have some ideas:
> 1. Add mechanism for dynamic adding applications with ability to set
> category for every application and is application need root access or not.

That is something I figure will get added at some point in the future.
We will need a way to drop in "conf files / modules" into a directory,
and the control panel will use that for its icons. I haven't added this
feature just yet because I wanted something quick we could use for
testing, and this will require quite a bit more work.

Here's what I think it will need:

* Ability to read categories / icons from a module-dir, or conf file.

* Those entries have to be able to use i18n as well, otherwise we run
into translation problems.

* Add way to dynamically re-draw the QT scroll widget, with the new
groups / horizontal lines / icons.

> 2. Add some minimal DE dependent items. For example icon for kcontrol if now
> we run in kde.

We could do this when we move to a dynamic method as described above,
but I'm not sure its necessary. When running in each window-manager,
they already have ways of accessing their configuration stuff, like
"system-settings", and I'm not sure we need to duplicate the already
known way to access those things.

Do you have some interest in helping develop the dynamic display method?
I'll be happy to assist you, otherwise it may be a little while before I
get back to it :)

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