[PC-BSD Dev] installer comments

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Tue Sep 22 19:25:51 PDT 2009

On Tue, 22 Sep 2009, Alexander Yerenkow wrote:

> 2009/9/22 Jeremy C. Reed <reed at reedmedia.net>

>       5) Shell choice included: /PCBSD/local/bin/bash, later I saw
>       /usr/PCBSD.
>       Is /PCBSD correct on this version? (I never got to check yet.)

Later I realized this is a symlink. Also /bin/bash.

>       6) For file system I chose UFS2 + Journaling. But it still says
>       "Leave
>       as default if unsure!" even after choosing an alternative. This
>       is
>       misleading, because the dropdown now doesn't tell you the
>       "default".
> Don't choose journal :) Ever. At least until these crazy bugs not fixed.

Yes, now I understand. Nevertheless, the "default" message there is 
wrong and it should have big warning.

>       16) Booted to wrong partition! I powercycled and manually chose
>       F2 (F1
>       was different operating system). Later, it did boot fine from F2
>       by
>       default.
> Hard to make that feature detect to which partition you installed OS.

It should know since it knows what slice it installs PC-BSD's / to.

See the boot0cfg(8) -s option.

(By the way, how does it know the menu names? I can't see documented 
and don't understand boot0cfg.c well enough.)

>       19) Detected my Radeon Xpress 200M, but has "vesa". I chose
>       apply for
>       default. Why do the X test, if the display is unchanged? (I
>       didn't
>       change from the defaults.)
> X tests for other cards, where driver can be determined more exactly.

In my case, X was already running. I never changed default (as far as I 
know), and it asked if could restart X, then restarted X, prompted if 
okay, then restarted X again. A waste of time, if I never changed the 

On that note, it had chosen "vesa". But I have no way to easily know 
what other one to even try (without googling from other system :)

>       24) My mouse locked up. I don't know why. I couldn't change
>       consoles. I
>       could not ctrl-alt-delete. I power cycled.
> Hm, seems familiar to me.
> Can you provide model of motherboard?

It locked up on me later. (To get it to boot due to journal problem, I 
run "mount -f /" to force it to mount.)

Compaq Presario V2658US (V2000) notebook with AMD Turion 64 Mobile 
Processor. Also known as Hewlett-Packard Presario V2000 (EX652UA#ABA) 
(Rev 1).

I assume it has something to do with some USB 2 problems. I also tried 
booting without ACPI. It locked up a few minutes after X started up.

> Long lists very useful, thank to you!

Thanks for the reply!

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