[PC-BSD Dev] Web and Qt Development

Manuel Schmidt manuel at schmidtman.de
Tue Jun 16 05:17:00 PDT 2009


my name is manuel and i am a webdeveloper from germany. I like PCBSD and would 
like to offer some of my free time to it. Dont know how much private 
information of myself is of interest, so i keep that short. :)

I guess, more interesting is
 - I know (how to use) FreeBSD, though i am by far not an expert 
 - I do Web Development as dayjob (php/python)
 - I have done Qt Development (C++)

I am sure there are various parts in the project that could be of interest to 
me. But before just go on and hack something, i thought i say hi first ... 
"hi!"  :D

Things i know that i would be interested in working on are
 - web stuff (of course)
 - Qt stuff. (Dont have alot exp in KDE Development, yet)

But i guess there are parts that "need to get done" !?


I try to join #pcbsd  regulary, my nick is oversize.

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