[PC-BSD Dev] Ideas

A.Y. yerenkow at uct.ua
Tue Jan 13 03:49:29 PST 2009

Hello Guys!

I'd like to propose a some sort of open poll on our forum.
Is Forum engine capable of enabling anonymous answering in single Thread 
or Forum?
Can we do this?
Many peoples have something to say, but not all will register for single 
So, I want ask peoples something like this:

1. Tell us which 5 or less features (exists or just wish-to-be) which is 
vital for you in OS
2. Tell us which 5 or less things which is just hell unintuitive and 
unusable or just wrong in your OS

But we need a way of answering which doesn't require registration;

And, to promote this move, Kris, can we place questions and answer form 
directly to main page of site?

If there will be need in moderation ad/or filtering, I could do that.

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